Meet Us

We build intuitive ERP systems that actually do the job.

ERP software is riddled with complexity, that is a fact. With all those options and features, it is easy to get confused and lose track of what needs to be done, not to mention the steep learning curve associated with complex software. Training and consulting companies have emerged to fill the gap and profit along the way. The experience is, by no means, seamless and we totally acknowledge that.


At Femtosoft, we build ERP software centered around the user's needs. We don't assume more is better and we build what we think is going to help the user. That is based on a combination of users' requests and what we think is right for them.


We build systems that help enterprises automate their processes. We try to get users up to speed as soon as possible, not hinder them by posing new challenges. We believe that by shortening the learning curve and streamlining the process, ERP is likely to achieve its intended purpose.